Videos – “How To” WordPress Videos

I have been recording these quick little WordPress Videos to help my clients with some of the basic things I have probably already taught you. You can access these at anytime and as many times as you want – Enjoy my “How To “WordPress” Videos.

Getting Started

How to Add A Page in WordPress

How To Edit A Page in WordPress

After you create a page how to add it to your WordPress menu

How to create a Blog post – coming soon

What are categories – how do they work with the blog stories – coming soon

How to add a file or PDF to your WordPress page or post

How to Add a Link In WordPress

How to Add “Read More” Tag to a Blog Post – coming soon


How to Add an Image to A WordPress Page or Post

WordPress advanced image settings

Uploading to the media library – coming soon

Maintain your WordPress

How to backup your WordPress using built in tools

How to backup your WordPress using Backup Buddy

How to Update WordPress

E-Commerce Videos

Shopp Plugin
How to add a product to your shopping cart using WordPress plugin Shopp

How to edit a product using the Shopp Plugin for WordPress

Theme Blvd Theme Videos
How to create a Slideshow in Alyeska