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We all have our own businesses to run and when someone tells us we need to do one more thing it’s overwhelming. Where do I start? How will I find more time in my day? Is it worth it? How will I see results? Do I need a Facebook Page? What do I Post? How do I get followers? Where do I get content? What is Twitter and how can it help me? And the big one, what is the rate of return on social media?

So you want to build your business – you NEED to – Social Media is not going away. Learn where to get started, how to automate it, how to post, where to find content ideas. We would be happy to teach you exactly the steps you need to do to get started or get over that next hump.

Social Media 101

Social media training online, social media consulting no matter what you call it you have questions we have answers. come away with a clear understanding of next steps, best practices to launch your social media efforts correctly.

Facebook Business Pages, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest all work together with your website and marketing efforts. You know the value of a Facebook fan right? Lets say you discover the biggest invention or are featuring the best sale you ever had, that is great lets put it on your website. …. hum no one called. You need a website don’t get this website designer wrong. But people look at your website when they need something not necessarily when you have a special they don’t know about it. Social media allows you to blast a post to let everyone know about that special offer. These are your customers past and future, when they like something you write it appears on their wall and their friends then see it. This is the viral world. learn to understand how it can help you.

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We are in the Denver/Boulder Colorado area, but there is this new thing called the internet and we can give you a lesson right online no matter where you are.