Social Media and Small Business

What is all the buzz about? Everyone telling you to get on board with Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter. Confused as to where to start? What is a Tweet and why do I care someone is having coffee at Starbucks?

Social Media is not going away. People are tired of one-way-interuption advertising, they want to know about you when they want to find you. You need to be there to answer their call and have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Your competition is out there. It can be overwhelming we all have businesses to run how can I be expected to do another thing. Perhaps you tried and saw no results? There are easy steps we can suggest to break into Social Media so you stop getting overwhelmed and walking away again.

Would you like more business? Would you like to understand the benefits of each of the three Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Would you like to understand how you can take one more thing on in your business and not be overwhelmed. How to start and why?

Call us for a FREE 30 minute consultation so we can help you understand the new rules. We can help you compete with the big boys.