Moving Businesses Can Utilize Foursquare Too!

September 24, 2013

I’m sure you’ve heard that location based apps like Foursquare are taking off, but you’re left with one big question. I’m a mobile business, how can I have people “check-in”, or even have them use the service to find me in the first place?

Being able to offer prizes and gain repeat business through these services is easy when your business stays in the same place the entire time, but when you have a moving business you make it much harder to do this. Don’t worry, there are ways you can still take advantage of this trend and use location-based technologies to your advantage.

What if I don’t have an address?

Even though you don’t have an address I’m sure there is one spot that you spend the most time in. It might be a hot spot for lunch, or another location where most of your sales take place. If you have two locations that you split your time between just choose the one you spend a little more time in, or the one that results in more sales for your business.

List your starting point as the location for your business, this will be the place your customers are the most comfortable seeing you. So, even if you do move around throughout the day in a small area, your customers will still be able to check in if you’re within a few blocks of your chosen location.

Create marketing materials to let your customers know about Foursquare

Even if you aren’t occupying your registered location you can still have customers check-in on their devices. You can create signage with a QR code so they can just snap a picture and check-in instantly.

Connect Foursquare with your other social media accounts

If you’re a mobile business then there’s a good chance your customers follow you across different social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook to track your location. If you link the different accounts you’ll be able to broadcast your location there and have it trickle over to your Foursquare accounts and followers.

Consider alternative check-in strategies

Most mobile businesses can suffer from the illusion of loyal customers. For instance, there can be certain customers who check into your location even when you’re not there, trying to game the system. You’ll want to make sure you don’t award these customers for their behavior.

Instead, consider creating more incentives geared towards first-time customers, that way you’ll increase your customer base and they’ll continue to tell their friends about the cool first time deal you’re offering.

Remember, the influence of technology on consumer behavior is only going to increase. Make sure you hop on board now and get your business seen.