Foursquare Updates – How do they work?

September 16, 2013

Foursquare Local Updates: What You Need to Know

Local Updates are a new feature by Foursquare that will allow you to connect even further with your local, loyal customers. The more ways you’re able to connect with your customers the more value you can provide, and the more likely they are to support your business.

Updates can range from news or photos from past or upcoming events, specials and new menu items, to product discounts and daily deals.

Customers are considered a loyal customer when they check in multiple times at your location. They are then automatically subscribed to your updates, when they are in the same city as your business. By doing it this way it takes the need out of them having to subscribe and makes it more likely for people to receive your updates.

How do I send a Local Update?

Once you have Foursquare set up at one of your locations, you simply type in your Update text, add a photo if desired and add anything else that you think might be applicable.

If you have multiple locations you can choose to send the update from one or multiple locations, depending on your preference.

Once all of the fields are filled out you simply click ‘Share’ and your update is sent out to all your customers.

Who sees my Local Updates?

Anyone who has either currently checked in at your venue, has visited multiple times in the past and is in the same city, has like your venue or page, or visits your page on will get the updates.

Where do people see Local Updates?

Your Local Updates will display in their Friend Feed, which is directly alongside their check-ins. It will be immediately at the top of your venue page for anyone who checks into your venue.

How many locations can I send Local Updates to?

You can send an update from as many locations as you want, of course you have to be managing them all. You simply select which venues you want the update to be sent from at the top of your ‘Manager Home’ page.

What kind of updates should I send?

The updates should be conversational and keep the same tone as the rest of your business. You want to keep your brand and message the same across multiple channels, Local Updates is no different.

The best updates include the use of engaging photos that make the user want to click and find out more.

Just make sure not to send them too often. You don’t want to overwhelm your customer, yet you still want to keep them in the loop about your latest business offerings.

Can I share my Local Updates on other platforms?

Yes, you just have to make sure your Twitter and Facebook accounts are linked to your Foursquare account. You can check this on the ‘Listings’ page. Keep in mind that when you send an update you can choose whether to broadcast this message across multiple platforms or not.

Local Updates are great to communicate with your customers as well as send a message to anybody that visits your business. Make sure you use them wisely to grow and engage your current customer base.