Foursquare asking for help – Closing the Venue Details Gap

September 17, 2013

Foursquare is Closing the Venue Details Gap

In our age of information the more compelling information you have about a topic the more dominant you are going to be within your niche. This is no different when it comes to businesses, apps, or anything above and in-between.

In the past Yelp has been known for a having a way more complete set of venue data ranging from: outdoor seating, to number of bathrooms, to WiFi, and credit cards accepted. However, Foursquare is implementing a new feature on their app that seeks to close this gap as fast as possible.

What is this new app feature?

The overall goal of this new feature is to mirror and surpass the amount of venue information that Yelp has. It is trying to do this by having questions pop up on your phone’s screen when you’re at a venue. It will ask questions like:

• Does this venue accept Visa?
• Does this venue have WiFi?
• Does this venue offer outdoor seating?

The user then responds with a simple, “no”, “yes”, or “I’m not sure”.

By asking users these questions as soon as they are at the venue, they should be able to provide accurate results to the questions being asked. Much better than asking these questions to people miles away trying to find these answers, you can only imagine some one trying to figure out if the restaurant has outdoor seating when they’re in a different state.

When do we get to see the results?

Unfortunately, collecting big masses of data takes time. It wouldn’t make sense for Foursquare to show the answers immediately as the data from a few people could be incorrect and not mirror what the venue actually offers. As the data set grows we’ll see the implementation of the data slowly roll out with it.

How else will they use this data?

This data will be incredibly helpful with recommending new venues to users. Perhaps, they could show you places that take similar credit cards you’ve shown a preference to using. Or maybe based upon the weather you make certain decisions and the app could recommend you places that match your interests.

Foursquare will continue to grow and expand their dataset in a myriad of ways. Only time will tell how they will keep crafting their user experience to provide better recommendations.

As more local review and recommendation apps spring up, those with the most data will always win. Of course, ease of use and best user experience come into play, but being able to display the most relevant results will always bring their users back for more.