Increase Your Business and Master Foursquare Photos

August 2, 2013

A quick note to the uninitiated, if you’re not on Foursquare you may want to hop on board. The last thing you want is for another person or business to assume your role on Foursquare and take away business that you deserve. With the continued growth of social platforms and mobile apps it’s hard to know when you should take the plunge into a new platform and when to stand on the sidelines. Most come and go, but Foursquare is here to stay. If you’ve already joined Foursquare, then there’s something you may not know that could increase your customer retention.

What are Foursquare photos?
Photos have continued to become a crucial part of Foursquare apps, both on their web and mobile versions. When a user can see the photos of a place it helps them to make a faster and better decision. Most apps don’t allow the business owner to influence which photos are shown, which in some cases can reflect very poorly on the business. Foursquare has a few different methods to make sure the best photos rise to the top. For instance, they use an algorithm to choose the best photos that are liked more as tips, or used in their lists. They even allow users to vote for their favorite photos, using the Android app or on the web. The previous methods usually allow your best pictures to rise to the top, but on occasion an unflattering picture may find its way past the radar.

How can I influence which photos are shown?
Luckily, Foursquare initiated a new feature that allows business and venue owners to choose up to five photos that have either been added by users, or uploaded by the venue owners. That makes it easy to make sure your business has a positive spin when your potential customer first visits. The photos that you choose will be at the top of the business listing on the mobile app and will be shown at the top of the page on the web version. Make sure you choose some good photos! Keep in mind, the other photos are still shown when the user browses through the images, but they will be harder to find.

What are the steps to edit the photos?
There’s a simple two-step process to change the order of the photos.
1. Open up your Foursquare dashboard.
2. Manage the listing for a single venue, and change the photo order.

I hope you take advantage of this cool new feature from Foursquare and take control of your businesses image today.