Foursquare meets Tracy Malone

July 24, 2013

Foursquare Tracy MaloneMy passion is “foursquare for business” because I see this “Game” “Tool” and an untapped marketing opportunity to reward your current customers, get involved in the excitement about your business, create a viral buzz about walking into your location and most importantly find customers that are looking for you right now.

The old “send a coupon in the mail” works only if they save it, remember it and need something before it expires. How many times have you been walking around looking for a business and thought I wonder if there is a “blank store” near me? That exact thing happened to me last Friday after visiting the Foursquare office in NYC, I wanted to find cupcakes. Instead of goggling or asking my phone for cupcake stores near me I asked Foursquare. Excited to find my favorite cupcake store I was able to get directions, tips, and images and I walked the five blocks and had the best cupcakes ever. They got a new customer because of Foursquare. You can do it too with your business.

On Friday July 19th I visited the Foursquare office in NYC to talk with their small business team. It was an amazing office with an open floor plan, really comfy overstuffed chairs with laptop clad programmers working hard, they have a bar with a keg on tap and each room is branded with a large badge. I loved it!! a great location for a great company.

Foursquare has been out there to help all businesses, but it seems that the big fish have jumped on board quickly thus creating the illusion that that is the target of Foursquare. But I am here to tell you they can help your small business drive traffic to your location.

In the coming months I will be completing my “Foursquare for Business” book and I will show you just how easy it is to get up and running and leap above your competition in this amazing playing field. With 30 million users and growing it’s not too late – in fact you could be an early adopter.

If you are in the Colorado area you can sign up and take my three hour class on “Foursquare for Business” at Boulder Digital Arts. Boulder Digital Arts
September 23, 2013.