What You Need Before You Set Up Your Google Place Page

December 30, 2011

First of all you will need to claim your Google Place page (See How To Claim Your Google Places Page).

Gather this information and type it out in word before you begin to insure spelling and grammar are in place.

Then know thy competition what does that carpet store down the street have on his places page? How many photos, reviews, coupons? Watch them and do better.

Business Name – Try to be consistent with all your marketing materials and the way it appears on other listing engines like YellowBook.com. If you are a company called Smith Bros Plumbing, but sometimes you type it all out Smith Brothers Plumbing. Be consistent or you may end up with two listings.

Address – again if your address could be Court or Ct – be sure what is out there and make sure they all align. Google maps works with Google Places so if you want to be found on the map – get it right… it matters

Web address – it won’t matter if you use the www or not but get it in there so people looking for more information can find it

Description – you get up t 200 characters – you can load this a little with seo phases as you tell the people how you can help them…the whole marketing to them thing isn’t working anymore so if you use those 200 characters to be helpful to what they need you may get a better response.

Category – sometimes it may be hard to fit into a direct exact Google places category review the list of Google categories here before you start and review some of your competition – where ever they are (if they are selling the same things) you want to be right alongside of them in the search.

Hours – gives you an opportunity to broadcast your store hours even before they get to your site

Services – let them know how you can help them. Are you looking for carpeting, we have over 5,000 types in all price ranges…

Map – they will have a little pinpoint on the map where they think your business is – if the marker is incorrect click the FIX INCORRECT MARKER LOCATION link and follow those instructions on how to correct it.

Customer quotes – often called reviews – get them… build them up with clients and friends so that you can rise to the top in google places. Google actually rewards companies with good comments

Photo – the first thing I hear when I speak to someone about the photo is “It’s not a picture of my store it’s across the street” yes the photo already on your place page is taken from your front door looking out. So while that doesn’t make it easy for people to find you – you can add your own photos to the places page and I recommend taking one of the front of your building for that reason.