The Importance of A Share Button

December 30, 2011

If you have a blog on your website it was added to your website for you to create index-able, categorized, content that by all rights should be defining you as an expert in your field. Old static websites did not have that sort of flexibility and it’s time to learn how to use your blog to the best of its ability.

You can write all the blog stories you want, but if no one is reading them how is it helping your business? The most important part of having a blog is to get it read and that is best achieved by adding a share feature after each blog story. If you are using WordPress there are some free plugins that do the job very well. My favorite thus far is “share and follow” this has two parts to it. First to follow you on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and add an RSS feed if someone wants to follow your blog stories. The second part is all about sharing your blog stories if someone finds them and wants to pass along your knowledge.

If you are writing blog stories it is so important to be posting them on Twitter and updating your fans on Facebook and then passing on the story link to your status updates in LinkedIn. But having those share buttons below the story allows readers to share directly to their accounts. This is how you get your story read. It takes time to write the story why have it live in cyberspace if no one reads it? Call your web designer and have them add a share feature to your website today.