Build Your Followers on Twitter

December 20, 2011

Do you wonder how to start getting quality followers on your Twitter account? I am sure there are many ideas out there, but I will share my way.
It is best to start with your “thought leaders”, depending on what your business is – who writes the books you read to learn more? For me it is easy I still BUY books at least tech books (I like to highlight stuff to get back to later). For me I crave social media news, web and WordPress. So looking at my leaders

I follow the following leaders:
Mari Smith – for Facebook cutting edge everything | @SocialMediaMari
Mike O’Neil – the LinkedIn rock star | @MikeONeilRocks
Lori Ruff – the LinkedIn Diva | @loriruff
Lewis Howes – for Linkedin cutting edge | @LewisHowes
Heather Lutze – for her Findabilty Formula | @HeatherLutze
Michael A. Stelzner – founder Social Media Examiner | @Mike_Stelzner
Dan Zarrella – HubSpot’s Social Media Scientist | @danzarrella
Pete Cashmore – Mashable Guru | @mashable

Now go to your book shelf – look at the newsletters you selected to get – who writes them. Follow them – what are they saying? Did they create any “lists” look at them – those are the people they are reading every morning – follow the ones on that list that look interesting to you.

Yes I said follow them… how does that get me followers?

When you follow these new people they have an opportunity to follow you back. Now here is the tricky part – make sure your profile description lists what you do or what you are interested in, then quickly they can access if you are what they are looking to learn from by following you. If you look at the followers of some of your thought leaders read that little sentence bio and decide if maybe they have something you may like to learn, look at their tweets are they relevant? Then follow them! I find within 24 hours most twitter people will review your follow and access if they want to follow you back. Note if someone follows you review them and follow them back – this is the way it should work – you can always unfollow them.

The rules are not the same as with other social media platforms. Getting a feed of news stories relevant to my business is worth everything. Don’t forget you can follow a list of someone too. that allows you to access if it is relevant to you.

Now this all being said you started with your thought leaders and book writers they WILL get lost in your stream as you build your following list. So build a list for them and you can review them without all the noise. I have many lists – some are private and some are public.