Three stages of Surfers – does your website offer something for each stage?

October 2, 2011

When we head to the computer to look something up we very often have a need to fill. A pain that needs to be fixed. An urge to Spend money. Something to research and understand. Shoppers and buyers are NOT looking for the same things. They search differently and want different answers.

Let’s use an example of “today your tv broke” so you hit google and try to research TV repair. You are looking for someone to fix your TV or someone to show you how to fix it if you are the handy sort. If you are just beginning to think about planning a trip in this first stage you gather information. Where should I go – let’s learn about Italy what do you do there, eat, see…
(move this line header above paragraph) This first stage of searching is called the “informational gathering stage”.

As you research how to fix your TV or TV repair locations your search terms are pretty broad.
TV repair – how do I fix my TV- cheap TV repair.

As you research where to go in Italy you may use broad search terms like – Italy – what to do in Italy – churches in Italy The information you gather here in this step will lead to your next step in searching. You may find that Venice is a great place or Rome has exactly the type of history you were looking for.

The second stage in searching is a “shopping” stage.

In this stage for your broken TV you begin to find people who can repair the TV in your town. So your search would include a narrower search – boulder TV repair.
You may make some calls and find that fixing a TV is just as costly as buying a new one. So you start t o compare that quote to repair with a new TV. You then are shopping and learning which TVs have the best reviews which ones are most reliable. Search terms would include – what TVs have best ratings – consumer reports best tv –

Then you start to price out specific models – search terms become – Sony model 123 You are now shopping for that model price

The third stage in searching is the “buyer”
These people have done their research they know they want a Sony TV 123.
They would then be narrowing down on who they trust more and who has the best price Search terms would be – Sony model 123 Boulder Colorado