LinkedIn Love

October 2, 2011

2010 the year I feel in love with LinkedIn 

I have been on LinkedIn since 2007 and it probably took me several years to complete my profile. Then I thought “I’m done – now what”. It sat and sat and I never got a call or really understood it’s power until 2010. I was lucky enough to find a WordPress meetup group in Denver Colorado. This group was being run by Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff know as the LinkedIn diva.

Lori and Mike wrote a great book called “Rock the World with your Online Presence” pick it up to tune your LinkedIn profile. One thing Mike kept saying was ” if he was going to hire someone to do his social media and they didn’t actually live the life of social media. He wouldn’t hire them”. I wasn’t living the social media life. I didn’t think I had time for one more thing. I know that many small business owners can understand that. 

Mike changed my life, because from that point on “I got it”. I started to understand how to make LinkedIn in work for me. 
I created a LinkedIn business page on a Saturday afternoon complete with some catchy graphics. Within one week I got four calls from people who found me on LinkedIn. The power of updating your status a few times a week puts you in the weekly email to all your connections. It gets you in their face sort to speak. I actively comment on the discussion boards for the groups I belong to. I answered someone’s call for help and got another job from it. When you give – you get in return and this works too on LinkedIn.

Instead of “being on LinkedIn I am using it as a tool to grow my business”.