Build, Share, Follow, Grow and define your expertise

May 26, 2011

Having a website has put you are into a very competitive world. Are you ready to keep up? The Internet has replaced standard yellow pages as the way to find things, but on the Internet the pool is bigger and your competition greater.  The average person stays on a website three seconds and if you don’t deliver the answer they are looking for in that time, you have lost your chance.

Creating narrowly focused content (or pages) helps them land on a page that should give them the information they searched for, but you need to do more to get found and keep them on your site. A business blog is the perfect solution for that.

Having a blog on your business website allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. By blogging and writing current revenant information about what is happening in your industry you are in fact creating something that readers will come back to see over and over. An added benefit to creating current content on your blog is that it helps keeps your site in the eye of google and other search engines.

Did you know Google figures out how often you update your site and comes back on that schedule, so if you don’t update often they don’t come back that often. Write blog stories and keep them coming back to index you and when they see new content they will come back more often. Keeping you up with your competition and your website off the hundredth page of results.

Tip: Having an external blog on a site like “” doesn’t help your site because it isn’t really PART of your website.