Twitter 101

April 16, 2011

Many people who don’t know better are very much afraid of the Twitter monster thinking “Why do I care if some movie star is walking down the street” Don’t be afraid of Twitter it is GREAT is you understand what some things mean so here you go. If you are starting out this will help.

How Long – Twitter lets you write 140 character thoughts. – this includes links to stories so be sure to shorten your Url with a service like

Username – When you sign up you are able to select a username – from that point forward your “Handle sort of” will be started with the @ sign so I am @TracySchloss – you can brand that with your business name (if its not taken) Twitter allows you 20 characters including spaces

Bio Line – This is really helpful and most important to put down what you do or what you are interested in – people who are checking you out will see this and decide if you are someone they want to follow so make it clear. If you are a soccer mom interested in other soccer moms that is great, but if you are a soccer mom who loves social media write that. You have 160 characters or less

Tweets – these are those actual 140 character thoughts you post on your timeline or “wall” Anyone who is following you will get them on their wall instantly. Anyone looking at your profile to decide if they want to follow you can see these Tweets – they are public if they look at your profile and then your tweets.

Direct messages – people can send you a direct message very much like a little email within the world of Twitter. Most of the time these are sent after you follow someone but can be sent at any time they are also referred to as DM’s. these never appear in your public timeline.

# the Pound sign – probably the most confusing part at first – these pound signs are ways to categorize data. for example when big news happens stories are flagged with the pound sign like #redcross and then they can easily be followed or searched