LinkedIn Quick Tips

April 16, 2011

LinkedIn is the most compressive social business profile tool. Many people think of it just as a resume tool and if they aren’t looking for a job they have no reason to be working their profile. This couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter what your business is you will be “Googled” by someone who wants to do business with you. This is your chance to shine and actually have control over your business profile.

#1 – Use a Word Editor Tool Write out each section in word or some word processing tool. LinkedIn does not have a spell check feature and nothing looks worse then misspellings in your profile. Having a backup in word can help you make your next edits.

#2 – Complete your profile over time. No sense in trying to do it all at once, trying to leads to frustration and then you may never get back to it. Set up time daily or weekly to conquer each specific profile section. Gather the information for each section that will take plenty of time. Remember to write it out in word and add keywords to the content for the tasks you do.while it is like a resume it is not! It will do you no good if you don’t get found so when writing for a searchable database like LinkedIn – keywords – keywords – keywords.

Cool fact – search results in LinkedIn are based on your zip code and it defaults to 50 miles for geographical searches but can be overwritten just type over the default if you want another area.

#3 – Choosing a Business Category – the dilemma. LinkedIn has over 100 categories to choose from but with the infinite amount of job titles you may not fit in exactly to one of the listed choices. You have two choices pick one that is close or look up someone you know who does what you do and see what they choose. Either way not a piece to lose sleep over just choose. This piece is used for advanced searches by industry but since the industry choices are so limited it may not be the best way to search.